Editor Dave Gleason was born and raised in the farm community of Rockwell City, Iowa and attended Mankato University Mankato, Minnesota. He received a bachelor of science degree in biology. In 1974 he continued his education with graduate classes in animal behavior science. Through his studies of animal behavior science, Dave became aware of behavioral cycles and began to discover the influence these cycles have on the world. After leaving college in 1977, he began purchasing farmland. In 1980, at the height of the great inflationary boom in farmland, he liquidated his farming assets, moved to Oregon and became involved in commodity trading. In 1983 he returned to the heartland and took a position with a commodity firm as a technical analyst. Here he discovered that his ability to apply the knowledge of cycles gained in college could be applied to the cycles that impact commodities.

In 1985 he decided to use his investment experience and new found knowledge of predictable cycle to start his own commodity firm called North American Agricultural Services and began promoting his cycle work and recommendations through electronic transmissions. His expertise in grain and livestock marketing has given him the reputation as one of the best commodity trading advisers.

In November 2011 at peak of farmland prices he liquidated his farm land in Iowa!